TrunkShowLoveFest-more from fabulous event!

Here we have a gorgeous shopper checking out Miss Raquel Weiss' threads. Have you seen these pieces? They're art. I mean it. Miss Raquel labors lovingly over each individual piece. She's kind of like a sculptor, in that it appears as if she releases what the garment was always meant to be, beautiful.

I would have included a pic of the artist herself save for my ineptitude in focusing the camera properly when shooting the gorgeous girl! But no biggie, just run out to her next event and meet her. She is awesome to work with and is sincerely a resident talent in the LA fashion community.
P.S. you can find her goods at Switch on S. Beverly Dr....a real fashionista mecca!! or just contact her by going to www.RaquelWeiss.com

oh and....here's the insider sh*^$t - request a hand 'picked' Vintage T from her. you won't be dissapointed. you might even make love to the item once you get your paws on it. seriously sick sick sick.