Tabloid: Home of The T-Shirt Whisperer

The above fantabulous pic is of Maggie Fox circa 1980s-ish...she is also known in some circles as The T-Shirt Whisperer. And it is apparent from the photograph that the woman has ALWAYS had style.

Sooo, If you don't know about her shop Tabloid, on Fairfax Ave, then you've got to go to A) meet her B) check out her merch!

Furthermore, Maggie is a part of the famed NYC FilthMart crew, and Mike(the ringleader) is, get this, SERIOUSLY credited as the man that made the 'Vintage T-Shirt' worthy of collecting.

sidebar---Before his expertise, a vintage T was just second hand. He basically took the dealer template - ie research, knowing items' histories etc, and applied it to the once overlooked rag category. And now the rest is history. I mean really. Today T-shirts and just the idea of making a new t-shirt look and feel like a vintage t is a multi-million dollar part of the multi-billion dollar fashion industry. SO now you know the pedigree behind Tabloid, so do yourself and your friends that think they know about vintage, a favor and go down there to get schooled. Legit.///

Anyway, that is some insane sh*$t to be credited with, seeing as how Vintage T-shirt collecting is huge. ...And now here's the exciting part, due to the California sun, these two knowledgeable dealers are kickin it on the left coast and we get to benefit from their amazing breadth of cotton-slangin experience and due wisdom.

Email tabloidinc@hotmail.com for an appointment with Maggie and Mike and be bowled over with their consultation skills and pure passion as literal pop culture historians by way of T-Shirt.

(and YES they have a who's-who of Hollywood following, but you should go for the education! ////and LAST - just to give credit where credit is due - actor Ryan Gosling coined Maggie's moniker -"The T-Shirt Whisperer"- how cool is that?)