Just Getting Started

Just getting started/// which in many ways is sort of refreshing and dismal all at the same time.

You may say hunh? Refreshing and dismal. What's that about?

There always seems to be a dichotomy in my story, a sort of bittersweet. I am not sure if that is a product of me being a product of my so-called generation, or whether that is just ME.. to always want more? Is that what is at the root of my discontent? ... always wanting more? not sure.

But back to refreshing/ the refreshing part is that when you're at the beginning, anything can happen, it's all new and exciting, what's gonna happen, where will the pieces land? I like it.

Anyway. I am here. I am online. I am writing a blog. The blog is about fashion and my labors of love and obsession. Know this is exciting for me. I am a risk taker, I have this bug, it always wants to be on the edge, pushing the envelope. I'd like to think I make calculated risks, but really I don't ... I kind of just do whatever and hope for the best because I truly believe it doesn't matter, that it will work out one way or another as long as you're/I'm pursuing IT in some capacity.. whatever that is. Anyhow. Thanks for checking in, and thanks to all who have supported my efforts along the way. You are all my heroes. I am truly grateful to get to do what I am doing.