pioneer x parker fade out

had a lil weekender courtesy of The Parker Palm Springs, Cliff and I's favorite getaway in the desert,, will share those photos later...---> in the meantime, these are from one of my bestest gal pals, @butchers_daughter, she met us out there with her beau, and the two of us stole away for a girls night at the local dive Pappy and Harriet's, (whilst the dudes bro'd down at Mr. Parker's over Kimo Sabe Mezcals,)  ... we shot these spontaneously as we hopped out of our car near dusk, it was so beautiful, the light on the chaparral is always on point!!

These shots feature:
- the Fire Agate Amulet we made Exclusively for Landry's Online! We suggest you sign up for their mailing list for all sorts of Rossmore radness.
-our FAVORITE Marine Bracelet.
-Mark and Estel T - naturally.
-J Brand Jeans - too
-shot on iphone 7
-digital fades & editing in FaceTune

xx S

later grams

flashing it back to this Planet Blue campaign featuring Rossmore. , shot by Zoey Grossman and Styled by Ashley Glorioso. hotnessssss. this was a special time in creativity,, the power of the blogging world was just beginning to surface... the magic is in the publishing people! publish publish publish. xoxox S


The Westside Collective does The Westside

~Badass Babe Series Part 2~

Featuring some of our fave babes and the inside scoop on some of their fave things.
Our Babe Heather Roma Pollock
(photocred: @hanaleilove_photo)

Check Heather Roma Pollock + The Westside Collective  - https://www.thewestsidecollectivetruck.com/

Here's her Lalaland: My home of 10 years and now forever. 

-Places I love in my hoods where my shop is (Venice) and where my home is (Topanga):

   1) Eat + Meet (Venice) Deus Ex Machina:  Best breakfast parfait, to go sandwiches and favorite in town meeting place for business meetings (when I need to get out of my shop) http://deuscustoms.com/flagships/emporium-of-postmodern-activities/
 2)Coffee + Canyon Vibes (Topanga) CafĂ© Mimosa: Favorite place to feel the local vibes of my eclectic canyon village and have coffee meet ups with our friends.

3)Hiking in Topanga Canyon state park.  Beautiful country and it feels amazing to be surrounded by all of this beauty while still being close to the city.

     4)Beers with friends at Venice Beach Ale House.  Amazing food too.  Boardwalk seating and great people watching.

     5)There’s no place like home.  My favorite place to be is at home with my family.  Hot days are the best when we have friends over and chill by the pool!


Straight for the Tassel

The Joni Necklace

New design out of the studio:) Couldn't be more excited to be working in this medium!

I feel in design it's really important to listen to your business associates, customers and friends. They sometimes know you and where you should go before your inner compass kicks in.

Many homies kept saying, Suzy, work in leather! And then,,like presto, my Franco-Italian Leather Luxury genes showed up.  I'm literally obsessed and entranced by glorious leather, especially w/ sterling silver accents!!  Hope you are too! I have a feeling we'll be making a foray into bags eventually...

Inspo: -Joni Choker- was inspired by 60s and 70s music icons, with their fringe costumes and tassels etc,, but then we did it in black to have a more edgy LA streetstyle vibe. And of course because BLACK is EVERYTHING. ...We think, the hippie vibes, combined with it luxuriousness, ie being all genuine leather and sterling silver, that this item is 100% Rossmore approved to get you mad compliments.

Enjoy. xx

I'm wearing:
Necklace: Rossmore LA Joni Choker.
Top: Mark and Estel T-Shirt


Olive My Soul.

I'm not sure if I've ever shared that I'm of Italian and French descent. Pretty much half and half on both sides. I feel that in my work I'm very French. very demanding! With an almost severe attention to quality, excellence and perfection!In my daily life,  and especially my palate, I'm all Mediterranean. Relaxed and attentive to more subtle delights. It's far out, sometimes i feel like my ancestors are right there on the tip of my tongue, "More olive oil!" they shout, or "Mangia, mangia!"I recently made some olive oil ice cream that speaks to this part of my soul.I used a non-custard style recipe, no eggs, no cooking! Easy! (see, relaxed!)  Go light on the sugar, it tastes better when the sugar to milk to olive oil to salt ratio is just right. If you put too much sugar in, then you won't taste the divine olive oil. Use a high quality table oil. something you would drizzle over a delicacy. I like Partanna, its from Sicily like my great grandparents! USE HIGH QUALITY milk too! This is so subtle it needs quality across the board in order to make it lovely! Serve in a multitude of ways, try cherry tomatoes as a garnish! But I'm partial to drizzle a little extra oil over the top and add a few sparse flakes of Maldon Sea Salt. 
Enjoy xx Suzy



Olive Oil Ice Cream
1 ½ cups 1% milk (you can use 2% or even whole if you’d rather) USE GRASS FED!!
1 cup 10% (half & half) cream
1/3 cup sugar
½ cup good olive oil (I like to use something Spanish  ITALIAN, try PARTANNA from Sicily, for a lovely herbaceous flavor)
Large pinch of salt
1 tablespoon TITOs Vodka (to slow freezing process;)
  1. In a bowl, whisk STIR sugar and salt into milk until well dissolved, if you whisk you will get an icey -ice cream.
    1. Chill mixture in fridge about 1 or more hours (or 15-20 minutes in freezer if you’re pressed for time)
    2. Remove chilled mixture from fridge and whisk stir in olive oil
    3. Turn on your ice cream maker and add mixture to bowl; add vodka early in churning process
    4. Once ice cream is properly mixed, transfer to a storage container and let it set in the freezer for a couple of hours. This step is optional, but I like my ice cream a bit firmer set than the soft-serve consistency that you get from an ice cream maker. (I use the Cuisine Art Ice Cream maker from William Sonoma.)